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Wallet «Love to you» for women

Wallet «Love to you» for women

There is no fashionista who does not like wallet «Love to you» for women.

It is believed that the wallet should be selected in correspondence with for your bag, but it is more piece of advice rather a strict rule.

In the spring or summer is better to choose bright purses, such as «Love to you».

Wallet «Love to you» for women can accommodate several bundles of banknotes, which you can distribute in three sections. Also it may contain up to seven credit or plastic cards.

You can choose a wallet to your taste! It is available in several colors: beige, black, blue, pink and yellow.

Price: US $2.86
Discount price: US $2.86

Do you want to win wallet «Love to you» for women?

Gaby Gaby Just as I expected! Perfect! There was no strange smell. It's thin, summer purse and nothing more. Threads do not stick out, everything is neatly.

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