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Camera lense mug

Camera lense mug

Camera lense coffee mug is a stylish accessory that will make an impression on anyone.

Lense mug is equipped with a lens hood which will keep your beverage warm and serve you as a saucer for cookies or other sweets at the same time. Photo lense coffee mug is able to accommodate up to a 500 ml.

This mug may keep your coffee warm up to 3 hours. Photo lense mug is barely distinguishable from the real Canon camera lens.

Anyone who enjoys photography will be glad to have such a gift.

Price: US $6.50
Discount price: US $6.50

Does camera lense mug retains beverage hot?

Roni H. Roni H. Excellent thermos. Keeps warm well. I counted that coffee remained hot for about two and a half hours. Great deal!
Vicky Vicky It corresponds to description completely. I got it as a gift and already tested on thermal stability. It's ok! It holds heat and nothing is poured.

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