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Shamrock bracelet

Shamrock bracelet

Since the ancient times, clover has been considering as a symbol of good luck that brings fortune to its owner.

Shamrock bracelet was prepared in such a graceful and gentle manner that makes you lucky and admirable by everyone for your fine taste in jewellery.

In addition to the clover a miniature watch is placed on this wristband. It helps you be always on schedule wherever you go.

You can choose the color of the strap from white, black, green, red, brown, orange or blue.

Price: US $2.38
Discount price: US $2.38

Shamrock bracelet is going to change the whole concept of ​bracelets!

Sleepyhead Sleepyhead Great watches! Straps are tight a little bit. It fastens on the button, which can be adjusted to different size of wrists. I'm very pleased.

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