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3 in 1: Day-Planner-Organizer

3 in 1: Day-Planner-Organizer

How often do we forget about the important things in life and then cursing ourselves for carelessness?

To prevent that you need to have a day organizer. It is even better whebn it is 3 in 1: Day-Planner-Organizer at once.

Each sheet is lined with stripes and contains funny sketches. You can write anything you want starting with plans for a day and ending with your own thoughts or even poems.

Using this diary, you will never forget about scheduled meetings and important things. Kids will be able to keep their little secrets there.

Price: US $6.22
Discount price: US $5.41

Is it convenient to use the day planner?

Evelyn Frederickson Evelyn Frederickson Very cute diary! Excellent quality. Paper is pleasant to touch. A cute illustration is drawn on each page.

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