Set of Stud earring and Cuff

Set of Stud earring and Cuff

Set of Stud earring and Cuff includes the cuff with pearls and a separate miniature stud earring with cap jewel.

Unusual and fashionable ear decoration will suit to all fine jewellery lovers.

This kit has the unique ability not just to emphasize, but create an individual style of their owner.

Both products are made of alloy jewellery. Please note that cuff from this set is intended to wear on the left ear only.

Price: US $1.49
Discount price: US $1.27

What do users think about this set:

Destiny Destiny I liked it! Thank Cuff looks amazing, but I had to bend it a little just to make it fit on my ear. Everything was ok with the stud.
Ava L. Ava L. I'm a happy owner of this set! It fits perfectly and not going to slip while I move. It makes my daye everytime I look at it)

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