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My bottle

My bottle

My bottle became the most popular trend in 2015.

The bottle with an inscription «My bottle» is a perfect container for any beverage as well as fruits and vegetables.

Water bottle is made of environmentally friendly plastic and can withstand temperatures from -40 to +110 degrees!

Water bottle comes with a linen bag the inscription on which says: «Do not touch this is my bottle» :)

My bottle weights only 90 grams. And its whole volume is 500 ml.

Price: US $3.88
Discount price: US $3.88

How often do you use water bottle «My bottle»?

Freda Goldenburg Freda Goldenburg Good quality) No defects were found) It had a slight smell, but it has easily blown away! Very nice bottle of not less than nice bag.
Leslie Leslie I saw pictures of «My bottle» literary everywhere on the Internet and I cannot stand of wanting it! It was delivered very quickly. I usually fill it up with water, juice or tea and bring it to the studies. It is very convenient! Do not be surprised if you will constantly be asked to show it take a sip of your drink.

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