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Key rack holder with sparrow key chains

Key rack holder with sparrow key chains

Place the key holder on the wall in your hallway and prevent yourself from searching for keys all over the house all day long.

This key rack comes with key chains in the form of sparrows, which not only reliably scrapie bunch of your keys, but also serve you as a whistle.

You can choose the color of key chain holder. Birdhouse for sparrow-whistles can be white, black, red, yellow or pink colored.

Sparrows key chains are supplied together with birdhouses but their color will remain a surprise until the opening of the parcel.

Price: US $5.99
Discount price: US $4.43

What do users think of key rack holder with sparrow key chains?

Celeste Celeste Wonderful birds! Our kids really like it. We have get two birdhouses: the one which is placed higher is for me and my husband and the lower one for our son and daughter. Both birds were of different colors.
Gracie W. Gracie W. A good housekeeper. An excellent solution for storing keys. Very easy. In general everything is super!

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