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«Snowflakes» earrings for women

«Snowflakes» earrings for women

«Snowflakes» earrings for women are made of jewellery alloy.

In addition to the fascinating appearance this unique alloy is very durable and, therefore, the earrings will delight you with their brilliance and beauty for years to come.

Stud earrings are made in the form of snowflakes. They look majestic and very gently at the same time.

These earrings have a hook in the form of a long loop that put in the earlobe.

«Snowflakes» earrings is a great idea for a gift to your close friend or a dear family member.

Price: US $1.48
Discount price: US $0.96

«Snowflakes» earrings for women in the customer feedback:

Michelle Michelle Theses earrings of a good quality and looks the same as it looks in the pictures. It has just one little flaw: there are no holes in the center of each earrig, only several hollows.
Noreen K. Noreen K. Cute and look even better than the photo)) Earrings were bent a little, but thanks to a soft metal so everything can be easily corrected))

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