Handy phone stand

Handy phone stand

Do you want free goods from the Internet for free? Apply to participate in a free giveaway on this page and get a handy phone stand for your phone for free.

Comfortable handy phone stand eliminates the need to keep your smartphone always in your hands. All colors are available.


Giveaway has completed on February 18, 2015 at 16:02

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Giveaway participants:

1. Anna Koronio  
2. Iliya Svani  
10. Ashka Ua  
11. Rusa Turo  
14. Oleg Zvyagin  
15. Andrey Andrey  
17. Olga Ivanova  
18. Irina Lagoda  
24. Anton Golovin  
26. w0nd3r b357  
32. Nastya Shtaub  
38. Katerina S  
55. Roma Suslov  
56. Roma Malyhin  
57. Anya Kalinina  
61. Olga Tentler  
62. Lyuda Rudenko  
69. Viktor Fvk  
74. White Nigger  
77. Ilya Gurevich  
79. Almaz Timer  
80. Lena Kozlova  
82. Olga Orlova  
89. Kot V-Sapogax  
94. Sergej Sergej  
95. Mihail Karpov  
98. Zhorik Var  
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