Handy phone stand

Handy phone stand

Convenient stand for your phone makes the usage of your smartphone easier – you donn't have to hold your gadget in your hands all the time.

The small size of a cell phone stands for desk allows you to use it in any required situation.

Thanks to its convenient form smartphone is easily inserted and removed from the stand. This desktop cell phone stand is made of a bright plastic and has an original design.

All colors on the photo are in stock.

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Reviews about mobile phone stands:

Caroline Ellies Caroline Ellies Very handy stand for your smartphone! It can be put on the table to watch videos, listen to music or just to adjust a screen right before your eyes, if you do not want to miss important message. I recommend it.
Terry Williams Terry Williams I purchase and use this stand for the iPhone every day. It really prevents me from holding the phone in my hands all the time. I often take a train and now with this desk phone stand I prefer to watch the video with my device standing on this stand.

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