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«Owls and the skylark» cord bracelet

«Owls and the skylark» cord bracelet

Women's leather cord bracelets with pendants are on the top of fashion several seasons in a row. So it's time to get one for yourself to be in a trend.

Female bracelets with leather cord are made especially for lovers of everything unusual. This is a great accessory specially created for the summer season.

Cord bracelet with charm can be perfectly combined with denim. With a summer dress it looks at least cute, because it looks feminine, light and weightless.

The straps are made of leather and have pale blue and white colors and the charms on the bracelet (skylark, two owls and an «infinity» sign) are made of silver plated hypoallergenic metal.

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Reviews of «Owls and the skylark» cord bracelet:

Tessa Tessa It's a funny bracelet. Easy and practical: it's hard to spoil it despite the fact that there is a white leather rope. It perfectly fits a thin hand. Use a size adjustment to make it suit to a not too thin hand.

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