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Original bag envelope for ladies

Original bag envelope for ladies

Bag envelope is a pure compromise between simple clutch and messenger bag.

This accessory skims the cream off from both types: it get stylish design from clutch and practicalness from the messenger bag.

Oversized envelope clutch bag is able to contain everything you need to during a day starting from napkinending with such devices as phone or tablet.

Another great feature of the crossbody envelope bag is that it can be combined with any dress from your wardrobe: your look will be delightfull in both party and theater.

Fashionistas can choose their bag between following colors: Black, Blue or Brown.

Price: US $6.89
Discount price: US $6.89

Reviews of envelope clutch bag:

D.F. D.F. It has an odour which finally disappears soon. It looks like the pictures and I'm glad to have the blue one.

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