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Owl arm bracelet

Owl arm bracelet

Owl arm bracelet is a great choice of all fashionistas. Such daring female bracelets are in the trend now.

Owl figurine is amazingly detailed and its wings and eyes covered with enamel.

Owl got fixed on natural suede strap and it would look great on your wrist.

Strap color matches the color of the wings and the eyes of an owl and you can pick up a bracelet on your taste: we have black, red, white and turquoise colors in stock.

Price: US $0.90
Discount price: US $0.63

Does it need to be a special occasion to wear Owl arm bracelet?

Dean Dean Very nice bracelet. It was made carefully, enamel was not cracked. No regrets at all.
Joy Joy Super! Very happy with a purchase! Did not expect, but it looks very expensive and solid! Quality matches the price. Thank U.
Kendra Chamberlin Kendra Chamberlin I really like this bracelet! High quality work. If you love owls, like I do, you would love this one)

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