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Crayons for hair (12 pcs.)

Crayons for hair (12 pcs.)

Your hair painted in different smooth colors will be especially relevant, because summer is coming soon!

Crayons for hair is a real must-have to any fashionista. Our package contains 12 daring colors in tote!

Pastel colored crayons for hair is a great way to stand out from the crowd and change the image without risk and for a short time.

Quickly applied, it do not harm the hair completely and can be easily washed off. Curls painted with crayons look great and audacious because of really gaudy colors.

Price: US $10.01
Discount price: US $4.70

Did you enjoy crayons for hair?

Lily Lily Crayons for hair are genius! I saw girls with such bright colored curls, but I'd never guess that this might be done with pastel crayon!!!! Simple and easy, and most importantly, it is temporarily. Well, as the owner of dark brown hair, I advise you to wet your hair before coloring it.
Midnightwalker Midnightwalker I recommend this set of colored crayons for hair. With the help of crayons you are able to make smooth, almost imperceptible transitions from one color to another.

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