Leather cuff bracelet Kitty

Leather cuff bracelet Kitty

Leather bracelet for women is made especially for lovers of unusual jewellery.

This accessory will be an original handmade completion of any image.

Bracelet straps are made of leather and decorated with exquisite metal figurines - cat, tree and an infinity sign.

Bracelet size is versatile. Also it is equipped with durable and comfortable clasp. Wearing a braided bracelet makes you extremely attractive.

Price: US $0.96
Discount price: US $0.91

What do owners of a black leather wristband "Kitty" think:

Jenny Larssen Jenny Larssen I fell in love with this bracelet from a first sight. At first I was confused I thought a color of the bracelet is too boring, but then I realized that it suits to every single clothing from my wardrobe. It is a high quality bracelet and a leather has no odd scent.
Miranda Miranda I've been looking for such bracelet for a long time and was glad when I found this one! I got one immediately and never thought better of it since then. It is beautifully decorated (especially tree)

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