Grey long sleeve blouse

Grey long sleeve blouse

Luxurious grey long sleeve blouse is made for real fans of simple but elegant clothes. Such long sleeve blouses are perfectly suitable to both workplace and spare time.

This lace long sleeve blouse is made of organic cotton does not crumple and show ones figure. It is easy to combine with any other dress from your wardrobe.

A cutout back adds charm and zest. Delicate lace sleeves are the main advantage.

Color: gray. Sizes: S, M, L, XL


Do buyers like lace long sleeve blouse or not?

Nancy Jennings Nancy Jennings I'm just unspeakable happy to own this blouse! Very smooth to the touch and shows my figure. I do not wash yet, but I hope that the quality does not suffer after washing.
Christy Christy I have been looking for a blouse made of cotton with lacy sleeves. Come across this one just in time! This is a comfortable blouse I always dreamed of! I especially enjoy a cutout back!!
Kerry Ann Kerry Ann I was afraid it would fall apart after washing, but fortunately my fears were unjust))) Blouse itself and even lace sleeves are safe and sound, not even stretched. Really like it to wear. It perfectly fits with my jeans.

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