Multicolored scrunchies

Multicolored scrunchies

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Strong multicolored scrunchies for all occasions. Can be worn as a hair accessory as well as a bracelet or ring.


Giveaway was called off due to lack of participants

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Giveaway participants:

2. Ksenya Dzuma  
14. Polina Belova  
24. Yana Osipova  
26. Asya Gordeeva  
39. Darya Amineva  
41. Lyuda Rudenko  
44. Ani Nazaryan  
47. Lena Kozlova  
56. Diana Kuliuch  
60. Rusya Teplova  
64. Oleg Rezyapov  
68. Sergej Sergej  
70. Lisa Hitraya  
72. Olka Ivanova  
74. Alina Pokaluj  
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