Сrown ring

Сrown ring

New freestuff! Apply to participate in a free giveaway on this page and get a neat ring crown for free.

Crown ring is a simple but at the same time very original piece for lovers of elegant jewellery. Manufactured: : gilded, silvered.


Giveaway has completed on February 17, 2015 at 15:02

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12. Valya Makeeva  
15. Irina Lagoda  
20. Kot V-Sapogax  
25. Oleg Rezyapov  
27. Mika Oskonova  
31. Irka Sinyak  
35. Asem Uak  
36. Marinka :)  
41. Lena Kozlova  
43. Olga Kolorova  
44. Irina Ivanova  
48. Anya Gertseva  
49. Viktor Fvk  
51. Damir Sabirov  
57. Ani Nazaryan  
70. Garma Mekleev  
72. Roma Malyhin  
74. Ashka Ua  
75. Oleg Zvyagin  
83. Iren Ažogina  
85. Iliya Svani  
90. Inga Divina  
94. Rusya Teplova  
98. Mihail Karpov  
99. Yana Osipova  
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