Fried egg mold

Fried egg mold

Win freebies by mail. Participate in a free giveaway on this page and get a special fried egg mold for free.

Start your morning with a smile, and original heart-shaped fried eggs. Fried egg mold is an easy way to diversify the usual breakfast.


Giveaway was called off due to lack of participants

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Giveaway participants:

6. Anna Koronio  
12. Olga Ivanova  
18. Tatyana Hodos  
22. Asem Uak  
23. Irina Lagoda  
25. Oleg Rezyapov  
26. Valya Makeeva  
27. Olga Nikitina  
30. Darya Amineva  
32. Anna Lifatova  
34. Iliya Svani  
39. Anya Kalinina  
46. Nelly Misty  
49. Vika Suhenko  
50. Almaz Timer  
57. Iren Ažogina  
58. Anton Golovin  
60. Roman Tizhber  
62. Lyuda Rudenko  
67. Leha Sotnikov  
69. Sergej Sergej  
70. Alena Majher  
74. Darya Rudenko  

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