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Wallet «Owly» for women

Wallet «Owly» for women

Bright wallet «Owly» for women is a real piece of summer right in your bag!

First of all, the application is made in the form of an incredibly fashionable and popular owl figurine. Secondly, such juicy and bold colors are just what the doctor ordered after a long winter. In the third, a size of the wallet allowa you to put a bill without twisting it.

Wallet securely locks on the button and has 3 large sections for banknotes and one section on zipper for coins. Also there are six pockets for credit cards and plastic cards.

You can choose from the most luscious colors: pink, orange, blue, yellow and others.

Price: US $6.25
Discount price: US $5.50

Reviews of the wallet «Owly» for women:

Amberland Amberland I am a purse maniac. I have a dozen of them. This one is going to be my summer companion wherever I go. Although I am not a fan of coin sections on zippers I still love it.

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