SweetNails giveaway of 3 prizes

SweetNails giveaway of 3 prizes

Sponsor of today's raffle is SweetNails – a VKontakte community http://vk.com/mysweetnails . This community has started up earlier on this week and to celebrate this event it was decided to giveaway some great prizes for manicure and pedicure.

This time 3 winners will receive their prizes for free! Thereafter, there are three top places at once:

I place: Clear matte nail polish http://www.winpresent.com/goods/clear-matte-nail-polish-bk-super-matte-surface

II place: Set of sequins and beads (120 pcs.) http://www.winpresent.com/goods/set-of-metal-sequins-and-beads-of-different-shapes-120-pcs

III place: Neon nail polish http://www.winpresent.com/goods/neon-nail-polish

With the help of these wonderful gifts you are able to create unique and enviable manicure.

Good luck!

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