Stylish crinkled scarves for women

Stylish crinkled scarves for women

Stylish monochrome neck scarves for women is a top accessory in this season.

Thanks to the crinkles these womens scarves perfectly fit and hold its shape. Also it looks great in both expanded and folded forms.

You can tie it to the neck, thread through the handles of your bag and even use it as a stole.

Soft fabric is pleasant to the touch. Edge of the scarf is neatly processed that will keep the scarf for a several seasons.

Several colors are available allowing you to pick up a scarf to your taste.

Price: US $9.90
Discount price: US $1.49

Stylish crinkled scarves for women in the customer feedback:

Dorotee Dorotee Well, a very thin scarf! Suitable to a warm weather only. Colors are cool though! Thx!

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