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Neon nail polish

Neon nail polish

Luminescent polish is a great thing for everyone who loves to stand out from the crowd in the afternoon (because neon polish looks alike the usual polish in the sunlight) and night for a party with friends in a club.

Neon color nail polish is charged in the light (sunlight or under any source of light) and glows in the dark.

You can choose from 20 fashionable and bright neon nail polish colors. It is recommended to apply 2 or 3 layers on your nails for a more brilliant glowing effect.

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Do you like neon nail polish?

Susanne Susanne Polish really glows in the dark. Even when I applied only a single layer on. By the way it does glow in the UV, so it can be a great gift for all lovers of nightlife. I immediately ordered the yellow, green and orange. To be honest, orange glows a little weaker than the others.

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