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Earring cuff Lizard

Earring cuff Lizard

Original ear cuff Lizard can be worn as usual stud earring and as ear cuff earrings fastening to the top of the ear. It seems like the lizard is sitting on the ear catching it with a tail.

Cartilage earrings cuff Lizard is made of a jewellery alloy and decorated with pearls and rhinestones. Cartilage cuff is available in foolowing manufacyures: gilded and silvered.

Cartilage earrings still remain to be one of the trends of the upcoming spring and summer of 2015.

The earring cuff with animalistic motives is more popular now than ever. Purchasing these wonderful earrings is an excellent opportunity to please yourself or a friend.

Package included - 1 Earring cuff Lizard.

Price: US $0.90
Discount price: US $0.50

What people are saying about earring cuff Lizard:

PromQueen PromQueen The original thing! Looks very nice, elegant. Ordered a silvered one. Excellent quality of the ear cuff at a reasonable price.
Jordan Jordan Received a week ago. Wear as it shown in the screenshot clinging to the ear. It doesn't feel like there is something on my ear. It is suitable for both ears. A shiny little thing) All rhinestones are fasten firmly.
Erica Weller Erica Weller Finally got a lizard! Convenient. Holding on the ear good. Added to my earring cuff collection :)

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