Aviator glasses

Aviator glasses

Aviators were originally developed for pilots to protect them from the sun's glare. Now this model is loved around the world.

The secret of success of black aviator sunglasses is that they fit everyone and can be worn with any outfit, for any occasion: no special clothes or accessories required.

Along with a stylish design, these sunglasses protect your eyes from the sun's harmful UV rays.

Lens tints are available in 10 different hues.

Price: US $3.09
Discount price: US $3.09

How do you like these fashion sunglasses?

Remi Remi I'm completely happy with this purchase! I've been dreaming of these sunglasses for such a long time! Other models do not fit me, but these are ok. The parcel was well packed, so the sunglasses arrived safe and sound.
Teresa Beals Teresa Beals I have several pairs of aviators in different colors) Simply couldn't stop after I bought the first pair, haha. I can wear them all day long. These glasses perfectly protect my eyes from the sun. Love them!
Sam Sam I was afraid to receive them cracked or something... but everything is okay! Sending reached very quickly. Aviator glasses are cool - I've made myself a nice present. :) Going to buy another pair for my girlfriend.

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