A heart shaped key chain

A heart shaped key chain

A heart shaped keychain with the phrases True Love and I'll love you forever is just the perfect gift for the two lovers.

Divide this pair keychain into two parts, one with a lock for you and another one with a key for your significant other Pair keychain is definitely a win-win for the romantic people.

Heart shaped keychains are made of stainless steel silver, each part of the heart is embellished with the little sparkling stones.

Price: US $1.89
Discount price: US $1.89

Do the couples like a heart shaped keychain?

Lindsay Lindsay I'm deeply in love with this item! Me and my boyfriend together wear heart shaped key chains and this is really cool for us.
Mark Mark I always wanted something cute for me and my girl and then I found this gorgeous heart shaped keychain! This heart shaped keychain is exactly what I needed. Now we both wear it on our keys all the time and we are happy.

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